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Welcome to the encyclopedia at You will find a wide ranging library of articles designed to be accessible to the average person. Definitely not for the professors and doctors out there! There are too many sites that exist already like wikipedia but regular information can be hard to find there.

On this website you will find our encyclopedia is about a more broad viewpoint on each subject. You can find facts and figures for subjects like the planets, but you will also find a summary of topics ranging from what an orange is to who the major car manufacturers are.

This section will be in continual production for the foreseeable years. If you cannot find what you want why not send me an email to jonathan at and I will see if its possible to add to this encyclopedia.

Enjoying reading.

And now for those wanting to know what an encyclopedia is, it is a collection of articles written either about a broad range of subjects or focused on a specific field. The idea of the encyclopedia has been around for about 2000 years and the oldest known encyclopedia that still exists in some form was called the Naturalis Historia and was created in 77 A.D by Pliny the Elder from Rome.

There have been many encyclopedia`s since the roman times and probably the best known is the Encyclopedia Britannica started in 1768. It has recently been announced that the Britannica will no longer be available in print and will only be available online in future editions.