Language Dictionaries


Language is a means to communicate ideas, knowledge and concepts from one being to another. With language it is possible to pass on the history of our own existence with the hope of steering our progeny onto a path that will see them become successful and with luck prevent them from making the same mistakes that we make.

The most common aspects of language is the ability to emphasize time, adjectives, nouns, verbs, pronouns and more. We can use language to describe feelings and emotions. Without language the human race could never exist. It is only through language that we are able to learn. When we think we think in a language. I`m saying the words in my mind as I write this.

Usually when we think of languages we almost always think of languages spoken by human beings but it could be argued that virtually all living creatures have very basic forms of language as they can communicate warnings, agression, threats and the desire to mate. To put our achievements with language into perspective it would be wonderful to compare our own languages with that of other creatures unfortunately understanding completely foreign languages is almost impossible. Dolphins are known to have language but we cannot decipher anything that they communicate as their language is just to alien to ours.

Just as all creatures and humans evolve so do languages. Words are added daily, others are taken away. No language in use today is original. Over the thousands of years that our languages have evolved almost all the words we use to describe something now is different to the original word from our earliest use. English is a prime example of this. English has so many words from other languages that we do not know what is original anymore. Germanic, Latin and Scandinavian as well as perhaps hundreds of other languages have changed English into what it is today, and it is still evolving with new words being created by new generations.

Language is a wonder, and I am very thankful that it exists in all its myriad forms.

Language in other languages:-

Chinese:yǔ yán
French:f langue
German:f sprache
Greek:f γλώσσα
Italian:f lingua
Nederlands:c taal, c spraak
Portuguese:f língua