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Wikipedia is a free to use and access encyclopedia created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in 2001 aimed at creating unbiased factual articles. While there are articles written by professional writers most of the articles are created by the public. This has allowed wikipedia to grow at a fantastic rate. There are over 21 million articles of which nearly 4 million are in English.

There are articles in over 284 languages with all the major languages supported and many languages which are relatively unknown except by the people who speak them.

Any person can alter articles with the idea that the more the merrier and authoritive but this has led to abuse of the system many times. There have been several articles that were moved to disambiguation pages and replaced by articles on new products from large companies. Of course in the public free for all that is Wikipedia, this led to the public replacing the new articles with the old articles many times until Wikipedia started to ban the public from altering said articles.

While many articles are very well written by experts in their field you will also find pointless articles on topics such as Ancient Jedi or uncombable hair syndrome and while I certainly don`t mind to be entertained every so often these entries are essentially there for eternity or until some other public author thinks they can improve these ridiculous articles.