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The Encyclopedia Britannica was first published in 1768 by its creators Colin Macfarquhar, a bookseller and publisher and Andrew Bell, an engraver and was based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The production of the encyclopedia used engraved copper plates for the printing and Andrew Bell who responsible for every copper plate in the first 4 editions.

The Britannica has always been known in modern times as being sold door to door by salesman with a cost of many hundreds of pounds. For many families it became the most important piece of literature they would ever buy and for others more of a hobby to try and read each and every article. By far it is the best known of all encyclopedia`s however modern technology makes the relevance of much less useful. It was announced that all future editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica would now only be produced online and on CD to keep costs down and to remain competitive.

Unlike websites like wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica is still written purely by professionals of which around 100 are full time staff and another 4000 odd are part time staff who are entrusted in writing new articles and updating old articles.

One of the goals of the Britannica is to write about every single aspect of knowledge known to humans keeping it an essential and invaluable research for scholars and teachers alike.