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Welcome to is a leading language learning resource for people wishing to build up a solid base of words in a foreign language. Each language is broken down into categores covering topics such as mammals, directions, astronomy and even shoes. There are upto 65 categories translated in 17 different languages.

I have been working on this website for around 10 years. Almost all of the research and data input was carried out by myself over those 10 years. This website began after I visited Japan for 3 weeks during 2004. Originally it was just an aid to help me learn more of the Japanese language but it grew into so much more. Thanks to my good friend Ramadhani, Indonesian was the second language translated and then onto Filipino and the rest is history as they say.

I get around 2800 people a day looking through the dictionaries and have had over 4.5 million visitors and 13 million pages viewed over the last 10 years. I hope that you enjoy using this website and good luck on your language learning.
Jonathan Sayles

Other Projects

As well as the language dictionaries I also work my other website projects.

I love playing the guitar so have made my own Guitar Resources website. Its part of Always like the idea of free education.

I created my own Unit Converter Convert distances, volumes etc easily.

A simple image creator Make a Picture where you can create simple images for use in any way you want.

My current favourite website I`ve created is Upload photos with a chance to win cash prizes. The idea is to generate funds for children`s charities while making it fun for users to upload images. I give away £10 each week to one of the users who has uploaded at least 1 photo during the week.

My very first android game Maze Escape A 3D maze game. Collect gems, and get out before the time runs out!.
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