Language Dictionaries

Who is

We are a free online language resource for learning languages. We started in 2005 with just an English-Japanese dictionary but quickly progessed to include more languages. We currently have 17 languages broken down into categories such as fruits, nature, business and the home.

We are not a translation service! The whole reason the website was created in the first place was actually for myself to learn japanese words. Not the structure of sentences or anything like that, but the basic words necessary to build up a knowledge of a languages core words. Hence the reason we use categories. Anyone can type in a word in websites like google translate and it`ll give you a translation, but that doesn`t really teach you much and the context of their translation might be wildly wrong.

By breaking down languages into categories you can be sure that when you learn for example the word boot in the shoe category, you aren`t actually learning boot of a car. Trying searching for the fruit Date in google translate and will get the translation of the time meaning.

It`s a simple difference but one which is important to get right.

All of our language paired dictionaries are listed in the menu. Click on one and you will be taken to the lists of categories that have been translated between those two languages.