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Hi I`m Jonathan. I`m the guy that made this website. I have always enjoyed languages since I was around 16 years old when my family were fortunate enough to take their first holiday to Spain. I loved the way the language was pronounced and even though I tried to learn some of the language, I wasn`t exactly successful.

Shortly after Spain, we also managed to go to Holland (the Nederlands) and again I got myself a couple of books on the language, and while I did manage to learn Dutch more effectively, I never got to the point where I was fluent.

Part of the problem in languages is the fact that there are just too many words to learn if the language isn`t your first language. The way we learn naturally is by repetition as babies and children. One of the methods used by parents is to focus on lists of objects maybe Insects, or Shapes. Well, that's what this website is purely about. Lists! Lists of topics that might be useful to you or not, depending on the type of words you want to learn. We have food, drinks, animals, reptiles, birds, flowers, trees and so many more. If there are categories you think would be appropriate to be added to the website, then please send me an email. You can use the online form here.

I first started working on the site in 2005 after a visit to Japan. I had again tried to learn enough of the language to at least ask a couple of questions etc... but it was actually hopeless. It was shortly after I landed back in England that I tried to sort out how to learn in a way that was more effective for me. I started with a list of fruits, as I do enjoy an occasional apple or banana. Well, I did that list and then another, and another and another. I got upto around 50 different word lists for Japanese, with subjects such as the Human Body, Nature and Directions.

I was fortunate to have a friend from Indonesia who translated my lists into Bahasa, and that is when this website actually started. I have worked on the website on and off for 17 years adding new languages into the mix. Every language that is added is added for all previous languages so you can see word lists for English to French but also Greek to Indonesian and German to Filipino etc...

The website is free to use, with no subscription and no need to sign up for anything.

Our list of language pair dictionaries are displayed on the left grouped by your spoken language paired with the language you are learning. Just pick a link and explore. Good luck.