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A modern bathroom contains a toilet, sink, bath or shower or both and perhaps even a bidet.

Keeping all of these objects in a bathroom is more efficient due to bathrooms usually being what are classed as Wet Rooms. Tiles, and solid floors are the preferred choice as they won`t absorb moisture in the same way as carpets in rugs.

Before modern plumbing, the toilet would almost always be separate from the house, and baths, or bath tubs would often be close to a fireplace. The ability to have one local service to remove the water and waste down drains has certainly made life easier for many people and cultures around the world.

Bathroom in other languages:-

French:f salle de bains
German:nt badezimmer
Greek:n μπάνιο
Indonesian:kamar mandi
Italian:f stanza da bagno
Japanese:yokushitsu, furoba
浴室, ふろ場
Nederlands:c badkamer
Norwegian:nt baderom
Polish:f łazienka
Portuguese:m banheiro
Spanish:f alcoba
Swedish:c badrum