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When people think of nature they are usually thinking about plants and animals but the term nature is actually every aspect of the world we live in that is not man made. Weather, geography, animals, plants and humans are all parts of nature.

Nature has been occurring since the very beginning of the world. As the surface of the world started to solidify as it cooled, then volcanoes and lava flows would have been among the very first elements of nature that helped to form mountains, plains, ocean trenches and so many other formations of the world that we forget where they originated. Along with plate tectonics and earthquakes, the diversity in wildlife might never have occured.

Nature is all around us now and it evolves continuously. As lifeforms evolve so does the surface of the world and as we have been able to record more recently so does the weather. Nature is wonderous and we should hold on to the beauty and elegance that we take for granted.

Nature in other languages:-

Cebuano:kinaiya, kinaiyahan
French:f nature
German:f natur
Greek:f φύση
Italian:f natura
Nederlands:c natuur
Norwegian:m natur
Polish:f natura
Portuguese:f natureza
Spanish:f naturaleza
Swedish:c natur