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Technology is basically everything that has been learned on how to make and use tools and equipment. Technology is responsible for making simple nails to super computers. Often it is described as the modern type of technology such as computers, cameras, mobile phones but that really is a one sided view.

Without technology we would have no understanding of how to make a cart or box or even how to make simple knives or sharpen a pencil. Technology as a word derives from greek and actually means the study of art/craft/skill.

Technology is responsible for everything that we use that is man made. The ability to pass knowledge from one person to the next was the beginning of technology. A parent teaching a child how to make a hammer from stones and a piece of wood. Technology progresses at an ever increasing rate as knowledge is now stored on computer hard drives rather than having to be taught parent to child. With technology our limitations become overpowered and our abilities are increased. Where will technology take us? Many think to the stars but perhaps technology will just take us to a place where we learn to live with our planet in harmony.