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About Me

I have worked on website and computer programming for over 15 years. I studied electrical and electronic engineering at university where the use of the C++ programming language was extensive.

My first website was which has been evolving over the last 10 years. First it was simple html markup language (webpage layout/language) and then started to incorporate javascript and css page elements and it is heavily controlled with the php server side scripting language to gather database information and form it together into the website you see now. I gained a huge amount of knowledge about the proceedures for web design, web optimization, seo (search engine optimizations) and responsive web design making my own websites.

I am not a large scale designer as I much prefer to work on smaller websites that are easy to maintain and update. Most companies charge over 100 just for basic website design, whereas I prefer to offer a more modest and affordable approach. I normally charge by the hour and if small alterations are required would normally just offer that for free.

I can set up the web hosting and domain name processes. I can also link the website to google for free analytics information and also incorporate google adsense advertising units if required.

Will my website be a success?

Once a website has been created most website owners think that customers or visitors will just roll in, check out your website or purchase products. Unfortunately that almost never happens. It takes time to build a consistent visitor throughput. Your website content has to be unique, able to contend with the other millions of websites talking about the same stuff as yours. Sometimes you have to pay for advertising in google Adwords or other similar advertising companies. Before you really consider paying for someone to build your website for you, decide who your audience is. How will they find you and how will you tell them you exist. If you want to run your ideas through an independant, then just send me an email. I`ll try to answer any questions you have as honestly as I can. Don`t worry, I won`t charge for my reply. I know how difficult it is to make money online and the last thing I want is for people to waste money on websites that aren`t needed.

What is the cost of web hosting and domain names?

Firstly, do you expect hundreds, thousands or millions or visitors? For millions you should be paying anywhere around 30 a month or up for web hosting. Thousands and you can probably pay around 10 a month for good hosting companies and hundreds, perhaps a free hosting package. Free hosting packages limit what you can do with your domain name. Usually your website becomes what its known as a subdomain. For example, would be a domain name and is a subdomain name. The tools in this example is where you would put your website name such as if you are a flower shop owner. Bing would always be present. Its one of the ways free hosting companies can exist as your website would also contain links to other areas of the parent domains website. By paying for your hosting you prevent a third party company for getting your visitors by linking internally to other parts of their website.

The domain name will depend on if you want a .com or other type of domain name. .coms tend to be more expensive as they are aimed at an international market. You can get a .com for around 10 a year. will be more around the 5 area.

One thing to note. The fees for hosting and domain names have to be paid yearly. If you don`t keep paying for the domain name eventually it goes back into the kitty and can be resold. Seems like a bit of a con but thats just the way the internet works.

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