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Average Joe Smoe who likes computer programming, sci-fi, guitar and foreign languages and cultures. This website exists because I thought it would be a useful tool to help myself learn Japanese. Thats it. I guess it grew a bit.

Mostly I just leave the website as it is now. It takes far too much time to work on especially as I have a family now, which I didn`t have when I first started making this website. I still dabble in a bit of javascript and php programming and sometimes tarting up this old site but thats it. I don`t add new words, or languages. It fulfilled its use for me long ago but perhaps it can still be of use to others. Please enjoy exploring.

List of website designed:- Want to hire a village hall in Lincolnshire for an occasion? Try our village hall :-)

upload and win cash prizes in our prize draw. Runs every week. Generating funds for children`s charities

Silversmithing techniques I`ve trained as a silversmith so I created this website to give tips to others wanting to learn silversmithing