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What is is a few things. Originally it started life as a way for myself to learn Japanese in a more logical way. I never did enjoy trying to make sentences from unconnected words. I started trying to get translations for topics I enjoy. Nature, animals, fruits, food. I was hoping that by learning lists of words like food, it would make my future visits to Japan easier. I would finally start understanding the menus. I never did get back to Japan but that didn`t stop me from adding new categories and new languages. With the help of some very extraordinary friends I was able to add Indonesian (Thanks Dhany), Tagalog and Bisaya (Thanks wife) and then the sky was the limit. I am always working on new sections, new categories and new languages and have the goal of having the largest and free language resource in the world. Of course that will take the rest of my lifetime and possibly a few hundred friends!

Who are you?
I am just a guy that loves languages. I didn`t do particularly well in my language lessons at school as it was so dull. My first experience of being interested in a language was in 1987. I met some dutch people who became very good friends. Dutch was my first real try at learning another language and for while I might not be fluent I did learn alot about not only Dutch but also English. The similarities and differences gave me a different viewpoint on the use of language.

What languages do you speak?
English is my native language with Dutch, Bisaya (the second most common language in the Philippines) and Japanese being my most knowledgeable of other languages. As with all people, if I don`t use a language for a long time I tend to forget much of the vocabulary until I start to study it again. Bisaya is currently my favourite second language but I have to say that as my wife is from Cebu in the Philippines. It is her native language.

Can I translated sentences and paragraphs on is not a translation tool. Even though I am quite a good computer programmer and have written hundreds of programs, the logic, time and resources for a translation tool is beyond my capabilities. For certain language combinations like English - Cebuano you will find that you can try to search for translations for hundreds of words but the results returned are not correct for grammar etc... In fact you will get far more translations that you want as many words have multiple translations. The word search facility of this website was created to give you an alternative method of accessing our translations and nothing more.

This website is rubbish. Why?
Unfortunately I cannot please everyone and while I would like everyone to find something useful on my website I know it is impossible. I am just one man who has a day job. This website only started as a hobby but it takes almost all of my spare time to upkeep. If there is something you don`t like about my website why don`t you tell me about it. Just use the contact page below.

Can I help you with your website?
As much as I would like help with the website unfortunately I have to say no. I had problems in the past with someone abusing their position and it pushed me back a long way. The only way I would ask anyone to help now is to tell their friends or to post a link.

What languages are you working on now?
While I am always trying to increase the translations in all the languages I have listed on my website I also add new languages when I find the right research material. I am working on Turkish at the moment and hopefully I`ll get a chance to ask a good friend of mine to check for errors before I put it live.

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