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Welcome to is a leading language learning resource. We don`t do grammar, and we don`t translate all words, but what we do do is put languages into categories.

Fruits, relatives, clothing, astronomy and elements are just some of the categories that you can find.

If you look on the left you will see all of languages we translate. Of course you might not be English (in fact I would almost guarantee it as most of the users are from Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Turkey, Europe and many other places) so you might need a dictionary from your language to another. Well, we have 17 languages translated from one to another so we cover a good portion of the world. Just browse around, take your time. Oh, and good luck.

Here are our most popular language pairs:-
Kamus Bahasa Jepang Indonesian to Japanese dictionary
Kamus Bahasa Inggris Indonesian to English dictionary
Kamus Bahasa Cina Indonesian to Chinese dictionary
English Tagalog Dictionary
English Cebuano Dictionary
Dizionario Italiano-Inglese Italian to English Dictionary

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