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´╗┐These are requests we received where I couldn`t send a reply by email.

dated :- 9th November 2010
message :- so what kind do u translate? i ask whats the translation of Ibaligya (assuming its a bisayan word) to tagalog it say 0 result then i asked for whats ambot still no result. so what do u translate
response :- This isn`t a translation site, it is more of a learning tool. It is supposed to help you to build your vocabulary. The search function will only translate words that exist in the categories, except for a few exceptions. oh, and ambot means I don`t know, and ibaligya means to sell given as a command.

dated :- 25th October 2010
message :- pls.translate these words,naa intwun me tawag nuh nge
response :- call poor me ha?