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Free Online English-Tagalog Dictionary

Learn Filipino online with this free Tagalog dictionary. This Filipino vocabulary builder helps you to grow your knowledge of Tagalog words by breaking up Tagalog into categories.

This free online Tagalog dictionary is a vocabulary building dictionary to help learn Filipino, the official language of the Philippines.

Just in case you are wondering Filipino and Tagalog are the same thing when talking about languages of the Philippines. Tagalog is more like the dialect namewhereas Filipino is the word that the government of the Philippines decided upon. You will find that different Filipino`s use either word interchangeably.

Tagalog is spoken by 24 million native speakers and around 90 million as secondary speakers around the Philippines. Popular destinations where Tagalogis spoken are Manila, Subic Bay, Tagaytay and Baguio City.

With a little patience and time this tagalog dictionary will help to grow your vocabulary which will lead to greater understanding. I hope this freeonline tagalog dictionary really helps you with your studies.

If you click on the links to the left you will see that I have split the tagalog language into categories..

Good Luck!

Translators:- Norman Misa and Grace Misa

Famous actors and actresses who speak Tagalog

Anne Curtis
Angel Locsin
Marian Rivera
Pilita Corales
Vina Morales
Kim Chiu

Famous musicians who speak Tagalog

Pilita Corales
Max Surban
Sheryn Regis
Anna Fegi

Famous Tagalog songs

Lupang Hinirang (Filipino National Anthem)
Di Lang Ikaw
Magkabilang Mundo
Bahay Kubo

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