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Learn Japanese online with this free Japanese dictionary. This Japanese vocabulary builder helps you to grow your knowledge of words by breaking Japanese up into categories.

This English Japanese dictionary was created in 2004 to help all those people wishing to learn the Japanese language which is spoken by 130 millionpeople. The dictionary translates Japanese into romaji, and the japanese scripts kanji, hiragana and katakana.

Click on the links to the left to display our word lists. I hope the dictionary is useful for your studies. Good Luck!

Famous actors and actresses who speak Japanese

Natalie Portman
Edward Norton
Steven Seagal
Masi Oka
George Takei

Famous musicians who speak Japanese

Hikaru Utada
Namie Amuro
Mika Nakashima

Latest Additions:

Weights and Measures

Useful resources

Jim Breen's Japanese Page
Perhaps the largest collection of japanese word translations online.

Japanese Language Training for English Speakers in HK Useful resource for English and American expats living in Hong Kong who wish to learn japanese.

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