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Learn Bisaya online with this free Bisaya dictionary. This Bisaya vocabulary builder helps you to grow your knowledge of words by breaking up Bisaya into categories.

Cebuano is a language spoken in the Philippines. Although it is spoken natively by more people than any other language in the Philippines, unfortunately it is not the National language. That is Tagalog due to the capital city being in the north of the Philippines. Cebuano is a distinctly different language to tagalog. There are similarities in both languages with a fair number of words having the same origins and the grammar appears to be similar however a native tagalog speaker will not understand a native Cebuano speaker.

Cebuano itself is really just another term for Bisaya or Visayan. Depending on the person you speak to they tend to give you a different name for the languageas it has never really been standardized. There are different dialects of bisaya but this version is as close to a standard version available. It is based on the dialect spoken around the Island of Cebu and its main city also called Cebu.

The words you learn here will also allow you to understand people in Leyte, Bohol, Davao and many other places away from the north. Each area has its own specific dialect of bisaya such as waray-waray, hiligaynon and these languages have different pronunciations of many words but there is still a strong understanding.
Translations :- Jugarisa Sayles, Norman Misa and Grace Misa

A few phrases you might find useful.

komusta ka?How are you?
maayo manI`m fine
salamatthank you
daghan salamatthank you very much
maayong buntaggood morning
maayong adlawgood day
maayong gabiigood evening/good night
kita ta (said to one person)bye
kita tayo (said to more than one person)bye
unsa imong gustoWhat would you like?
gusto ko...I like.../I want...
pwede ko?may I?

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Famous actors and actresses who speak Cebuano

Pilita Corales
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For people wanting to learn Cebuano, it's also important to know more about the type of place that Cebu and the local area is like. I have a website where people upload pictures of day to day living. It gives a very good idea of the types of food, people and interesting places to visit. To take a look please visit Interesting pictures from Cebu

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