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English is my native language, but it isn`t necessarily the most interesting. I prefer other languages to occupy my time.

The first language I explored outside of schooling was Spanish. That was many years ago during a holiday to Menorca. An interesting language for sure. By the end of the holiday I had also been introduce to Dutch as a chance encounter with 2 couples from Holland quickly became a full time friendship. Dutch is the first language I enjoyed to learn. English has a lot of common sounding words which helps with the learning process, but it can be a difficult language to remember as many words seem extraordinarily long. After 18 years my knowledge of Dutch I have to admit is not great. I don`t get the opportunity to use it as often as I should have.

After many more years I started to become interested in Japanese. I always watched Manga and japanese martial art films. I`ve always enjoyed japanese cars and class them technically far superior to many other countries vehicles. Okay, so I might be biased. I own a japanese car. Eventually I started planning for a journey to Japan, and started to learn Japanese. I took a 3 week vacation there visiting Tokyo, Sendai, Nagano and some other places. My knowledge of the japanese language did not help with my journey. I didn`t learn enough before I went there. When I got home I started thinking how I could learn japanese quicker. I joined a social networking website with the intention of finding japanese people to help with my knowledge. I also started writing the words I learnt into easily accessible word lists for future reference, and I thought, perhaps it would be a good idea to publish them in my own website. Almost everyone dreams of doing something with their spare time, and this is it. I`ve continued with other languages as I found new friends, and have even been helped by very good friends with some of the dictionaries. This hobby of mine certainly couldn`t have come this far without them. Thank you!

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