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Mobile phones were invented around 1973. The original handset was extremely large and extremely heavy. The problem was that surface mount technology and microchips really weren`t available to manufacture the types of handsets we have in modern times.

It is estimated over 87 percent of the people on Earth have a mobile phone, however if you think of all children and elderly that have never used a phone the figure is more likely to be around 60%. Unfortunately there are too many people with multiple phones to know the figure accurately.

Now that so many people have mobile phones imagine what would happen if they were all taken away overnight. That image gives you an idea of how important mobile phones are. Everything would stop and people would have to learn how to contact each other again.

Personally I am dependant on my mobile. It is necessary to keep in touch with family, friends and of course to do the occasional facebooking.

Mobiles are definitely here to stay and thank goodness they are. The future holds great things, so who knows where the mobile phones will go next.