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Most Spoken Languages in the World

Last update: 4th April 2019

What are the most spoken languages in the world? It seems like quite a common question when dealing with languages. Well in my experience most websites just come up with any old rubbish. This just will not do, so here is my own list, but rather than just tell you the most popular I have tried to get some facts and figures together so you can make up your own minds.

The four at the bottom of the list are included just as reference as they are either translated on this website already or are virtually the same as other languages translated here already.

LanguageNative SpeakersSecondary SpeakersStates
spoken in
Dictionaries Translated
Mandarin1045 millionunknown3Mandarin Dictionary
Spanish480 million121 million21Spanish Dictionary
English380 millionover 400 million54
Arabic324 million270 million26Not yet
Hindu-Urdu/Hindustani262 million185 million2Not yet
Bengali260 million132 million2Not yet
Portuguese242 million20 million9Portuguese Dictionary
Russian150 million124 million13Not yet
Japanese127 millionunknown2Japanese Dictionary
French116 million150 million29French Dictionary
German100 million80 million7German Dictionary
Punjabi88 million20 million1Not yet
Turkish80 millionunknown2Turkish Dictionary
Telugu76 millionunknown1Not Yet
Korean74 million2 million3Not yet
Vietnamese71 millionunknown1Not yet
Italian60 million20 million6Italian Dictionary
Cebuano (bisaya)33 millionunknown1Bisaya Dictionary
Bahasa Indonesia27 million150 million1Indonesian Dictionary
Filipino (tagalog)24 million73 million5Tagalog Dictionary
Dutch20 million11 million7Dutch Dictionary
Greek13.5 millionunknown2Greek Dictionary
Bahasa Melayu12 millionunknown2Not yet