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Least Spoken Languages in the World

Last update: 4th April 2019

What are the least spoken languages in the world? Unfortunately as the world changes and modern language replace older dialects etc... there are bound to be languages that disappear altogether.

This list is just a small list naming the languages with the very fewest speakers. It is estimated that of the approximately 7000 languages spoken currently, within 100 years there could be anywhere between 3000 and 6000 that become extinct through never being used and no one to teach others how to speak these languages.

LanguageNative SpeakersSpoken where
Taushiro1 speakerPeru
Kaixana1 speakerBrazil
Lemerig2 speakersVanuatu
Chemehuevi3 speakersAmerica
Njerep4 speakersNigeria
Tanema4 speakersSolomon Islands
Liki5 speakersIslands near Indonesia
Ongota6 speakersEthiopia
Dumi8 speakersNepal
Chamicuro8 speakersPeru