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Smallest Planet In The Solar System

Before anyone wants to complain about Pluto being the first in the list, I would just like to say I have never been one of those who now believes Pluto is only a planetoid. It will always be the ninth planet for me. Now, if you really want, you can just ignore that one and imagine that Mercury is the smallest planet.

This list shows the diameter, mass and distance from the Sun. Enjoy!

Planet nameDiameter in KilometersMass of Planet
Earth is 1
Mean distance
from the Sun
Pluto2310 km0.00225870 million km
Mercury4880 km0.05558 million km
Mars7792 km0.107230 million km
Venus12092 km0.815108 million km
Earth12742 km1150 million km
Neptune49538 km17.144500 million km
Uranus51118 km14.542880 million km
Saturn120536 km95.21430 million km
Jupiter139822 km317.8780 million km