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Picture of Nebula
Image courtesy Nasa

Nebulae are either remnants of stars that have exploded (supernova) or dense gas clouds still forming into stars. Nebulae are often extremely beautiful when seen through telescopes. Exploded stars often leave white dwarves where the original star was. These extremely bright stars light up the ejected star material from the inside. Photographs of Nebulae are always among the most popular of all astrophotography.

The spectroscopy of nebulae has told us a great deal about the elemental make up of stars. We can see heavier elements in the spectrum which indicate that once a star goes Supernova the forces are so great that it isn`t just 4 hydrogen atoms fusing to form helium, but large quantities of hydrogen, helium and possible other simple atoms fusing to make the entire range of the elemental table.

Nebula in other languages:-

Norwegian:m stjernetåke
Polish:f mgławica
Portuguese:f nebulosa