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plain marble 1plain marble 2 marble 1marble 2 horizontal line 1horizontal line 2 vertical line 1vertical line 2 wavey horizontal line 1wavey horizontal line 2 wavey vertical line 2wavey vertical line 2 grass 1grass 2 grass gradient 1grass gradient 2 starsmulticoloured stars big pixels 1big pixels 2 random pixels 1random pixels 2 decreasing squares 1decreasing squares 2 grid 1grid 2 x grid 1x grid 2 grid x grid 1grid x grid 2 multi coloured grid 1multi coloured grid 2 multi coloured grid x 1multi coloured grid x 2 random circles 1random circles 2 random squares 1random squares 2 random triangles 1random triangles 2 horizontal gradient 1horizontal gradient 2 vertical gradient 1vertical gradient 2 mandelbrottri arm fractal
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To save the picture, right click the mouse while holding the pointer over the picture and select "Save Picture As"